What does marijuana do to our body and brain?

What does marijuana do to our body and brain?

People often ask what does weed do to the brain. Marijuana is prepared from the sliced and dried parts of the cannabis plant, including seeds, leaves, stems, and flowers. Other names for marijuana are pot, hash, weed, etc. While people smoke marijuana, you can use marijuana as an ingredient in oils, food, or brewed tea. Read more to understand why marijuana is addictive and dangerous.

Various ways of having the drug might leave a strong impact on your brain and body differently. When you smoke marijuana, the drug is instantly discharged into your bloodstream and makes its route to your brain and other body organs. It takes slightly longer to sense the effects if you eat or drink the drug.

According to research, the long-term effects of weed on the brain can bring changes in the size of the brain. Marijuana can impact some neurons in the brain, which are usually liable for restraining hunger. This effect might explain why people mostly get starving after smoking weed. Weed can affect teenage brains differently than adult brains. The country has numerous rehab facilities for treating marijuana and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

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Long term effects of weed might depend on how it has been taken or how much it has been used. The accurate effects are tough to determine as this drug has been banned in the country, making research complex and costly to carry out. Recently, the medical properties of weed are acquiring public approval. As of 2017, 29 states along with the District of Columbia have authorized medical marijuana to some point.

Marijuana effects on the respiratory system

Like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke is formed from several noxious chemicals, which embrace ammonia and hydrogen cyanide. These harmful substances can irritate your bronchial passages and lungs. If you smoke habitually, you are more expected to cough, gasp, and produce phlegm. Long term side effects of marijuanasmay worsen the current respiratory ailments like cystic fibrosis and asthma.

There are carcinogens in marijuana smoke; hence, it might elevate the chance of lung cancer. As per the National Institute of Drug Abuse, there is no decisive proof that marijuana smoke is liable for lung cancer. It needs more research.

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