Things You Must Know About HiiT training

Things You Must Know About HiiT training

Personal trainer London told us if you don’t have enough time to exercise or go to the gym, then you should probably start the HiiT training. Perhaps you have heard about it vaguely or are carried away by the promising benefits of the high-intensity interval training (HIIT).Well, before you head in that direction, it is a must to get complete info regarding HIIT and how those high-intensity cardio and strength exercises can prove to be beneficial for your body. Personal trainer London says this exercise just needs 15-20 minutes of your day and can give you some outstanding results.

Life can be tough as one is loaded with those countless responsibilities towards one’s personal and professional lives.  Personal trainer South London says it can be difficult to make time for regular exercise or go to a gym.  This is why an increasing number of people are shifting towards the idea of HIIT training, which promises a shorter duration of intense workouts.But it would be a mistake to participate in the high-intensity interval training without understating what it is all about.

Best Outdoor Workouts if you do not want to go to The Gym:

 Personal trainer west London says there are many people who believe in a complete no gym fitness schedule. For such people working out under a complete equipment free setup is natural. For such people, here is a list of outdoor workouts that can be very effective and make for a perfect fitness program. 

According to personal trainer East London these exercises can provide all-round bodily functions and improvements and help you achieve fitness goals without ever going to the gym. So, head out in nature and try them out. 

  • Hill Sprints

Sprints and hill sprints are ideal workouts if you choose the beach for your workout session. The sand of the beaches creates extra resistance. 

A hill sprint session, as the name suggests, is sprinting upwards on an inclined platform. You can look at a small hill or an inclined land where you can do this. It has a positive impact on aerobic capacities. It also strengthens the lower body muscles and muscular endurance. 

  • Bench Burners

Personal trainer North London says if you are working out for fat or weight loss, then bench burners are a great exercise. And it is also very easy to do, as you can easily find empty benches in most parks. And all you need to do is step up on the bench and step down and continue the exercise in rounds. 

It is an excellent exercise for losing weight and improving coordination, balance, and agility. You can also use park benches for exercises such as tricep dips, elevated push-ups or box jumps on the bench. 


  • Walking Lunges

Stand tall and upright in an open space. Then take a step forward with your left leg, lowering hips towards the floor. Bend both knees at 90 degrees angle. The front knee must be over the ankle while the back knee pointing towards the floor. Move ahead by taking steps with both right and left legs and repeating the drill for each one. 

This has a great impact on the lower body muscles and improves agility and muscle strength. It also increases hip strength. 

  • Monkey Bars

Make use of the monkey bars at your nearest park for a range of exercises like pull-ups, hanging leg raises, hanging sit-ups, skin the cat, and typewriter, where you need to move sideways across each bar while moving forward. 

These exercises are a challenging task and can make for a complete workout program with overall body improvements. 

  • Cycling

Cycling is one of the most effective and all-inclusive forms of an outdoor workout. Cycling has a positive impact all across the body and increases muscle strength, agility, and overall fitness. It is one of the most effective outdoor workouts that are suggested by many experts for all kinds of fitness programs and objectives. 

  • Running

Running will never go out of style. And nothing can be a more effective form of an outdoor workout than running. Be it weight loss, agility, or some other fitness goal you are working out for, running is the most effective and traditional workout technique that can deliver ideal results for your outdoor workout sessions. 

It is not impossible to get the perfect physique without going to the gym. It is not at all unreal to think you can lose weight without going to the gym. You can! Take help of these simple outdoor exercises if you do not want to go the gym!