Most common causes of chest pain

Most common causes of chest pain

Chest pain can be a discomforting and scary feeling. Most people presume that their chest pain is related to heart disease, but there may be more underlying problems resulting in chest pain. However, your heart health can be a reason behind the chest pain and the pain may be the notifying alarm. Thus, periodic check-ups and visiting your doctor immediately after chest pain can help you stay healthy and prevent sudden emergencies or life-threatening health problems like heart attacks. If you want to learn more about the common causes behind chest pain villa rica, then read below:


One of the regular and most common reasons behind chest pain is gastric. If you suffer from acidity or have an irregular eating habit, you may have minor or severe chest pain at intervals because of the gastric. The remedies for such chest pain are to be regular with your meals and eat healthily.

Artery blockage

Cholesterol is the reason behind artery blockage. If you have cholesterol or love eating oily and spicy food, you should monitor your heart health. A blocked artery becomes the root cause of a heart attack and thus may cause pain. So as a cholesterol patient, chest pain is a warning sign.

Heart attack

The pre-signs of a heart attack or stroke are when you are suffering from chest pains, frequently. Thus, you should not ignore chest pain because it can be an alarming sign. Visit a doctor regularly and monitor your heart health to prevent emergencies.


Too much stress and strain can impact your blood pressure and result in chest pain. Hypertension i.e., high blood pressure can cause chest pain and heaviness. Meditate regularly and focus on your mental health to avoid straining your heart because of tension and stress.

Feeling a dull or sharp pain in or around your chest area? These are signs that you need to seek medical advice. It is better to learn from a doctor and take preventive measures rather than pre-judging your symptoms and taking medications or following remedies. Every treatment works differently on different types of pains and you may cause more discomfort while trying to get relief on your own. A simple appointment with a good doctor, primarily a cardiologist can be a life-saving decision.