Medical Applications Utilizing Titanium

Medical Applications Utilizing Titanium

Medical and dental tools, as well as other medical supplies, are made from titanium alloys. Titanium in Medicine: Applications and Benefits is a simple infographic that shows why and how this metal is so significant in medicine.

Since the 1940s, titanium has been used in dentistry (albeit the first titanium dental implant was not introduced until 1965). Titanium has been used in surgery since the 1950s and has since proliferated throughout the medical community, primarily but not exclusively in cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures.

The metal is a good choice for surgical tools, medical supplies, and device parts due to its strength, bacterial resistance, and low weight. Because of its strength, microbiological resistance, and lightweight composition, the metal is perfect for operating equipment, medical supplies, and device parts such as pacemakers and artificial joints.

New medical uses are constantly being investigated and developed due to the medical benefits of titanium and its availability on the market. As the population of the United States ages, there will be an increasing need for a variety of medical procedures that use titanium now or in the future. As a result, proper compensation for research and development is required in these industries. Continue reading to learn more about titanium’s therapeutic uses and advantages.