Essential Facts You Need to Know Concerning Hormone Replacement Therapy

As you age, you begin experiencing certain changes in your body, some affecting your physical appearance, emotional health, or psychological health. For instance, you begin feeling tired, old, unmotivated, and depressed, especially in your late thirties and forty. You may also experience other uncomfortable signs such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, poor sleep, or weight gain. In this case, you can try hormone replacement therapy Plano to help eliminate some aging symptoms and thus promote your sexual, emotional, and psychological health. Below are some facts about hormone replacement therapy you need to know about.

What does the therapy entail?

In most cases, hormone replacement therapy involves restoring low hormone levels in your body, thus correcting some symptoms you might be experiencing. You can replace hormones in your body by taking custom-made supplements or through bioidentical hormones. You should note that bioidentical hormones are copies of the natural hormones produced by your body. After the treatment, your body accepts these hormones like the ones you produce naturally, thus yielding the same benefits as your natural hormones.

When might you need hormone replacement therapy?

As you age, you begin experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms in your body, such as run-down, feeling tired, older, or grumpy, especially when you are in your thirties, forties, or fifties. One of the primary causes of these symptoms is reduced hormone production. Therefore, you might benefit from hormone replacement therapy if you are experiencing poor sleep, low energy, low libido, weight gain, low energy, physical signs of aging, and poor mental clarity.

What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy?

Usually, hormone replacement therapy provides various benefits to both men and women. These benefits include boosted libido, improved energy, weight loss, better sleep, improved bone strength, and relief from depression and anxiety. Bioidentical hormones usually make you feel and look young and more attractive because they help reduce some early signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, no need to bear the early signs of aging because of hormone replacement therapy.

How does the therapy work?

During your initial appointment, your care provider discusses your treatment goals and needs to help determine whether you will benefit from hormone replacement therapy. Your care provider also develops a treatment plan directed by your goals and needs. Your care provider collects a blood sample and sends it to the lab to help determine the level of your hormones and later develops a unique bioidentical hormone replacement plan for you to help restore your hormone levels.

Who should not be good candidates for hormone replacement therapy?

People suffering from certain conditions are advised to avoid hormone replacement therapy. These conditions include heart attack, blood clots, suspected or known pregnancy, cancer, and gallbladder or liver disease.

Since you have learned some of the essential facts about hormone replacement therapy, you can decide whether it is what you need to help deal with some of the symptoms you are experiencing. Suppose you have evaluated the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy and have decided to go for it. In that case, you can schedule your appointment at The Riegel Center today and receive bioidentical replacement therapy to help improve your sexual, physical, mental, and emotional health. You can also research hormone replacement therapy to help you understand more about the therapy to help you decide whether you will benefit from the treatment.