6 Myths That You Should Never Believe About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

6 Myths That You Should Never Believe About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Although not everyone is free to talk about sexual life, having a healthier sexual life is a milestone for every kind of romantic relationship. However, there are different sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that can hinder sexual life. Some of these infections are asymptotic, especially in the early stage, posing a threat. The widespread of these diseases has triggered misunderstanding that makes people fear to seek necessary tests. You do not have to let the following misconceptions hold you back as you seek STD testing Chapel Hill since early detection facilitates a relevant treatment plan.

You Cannot Get STDs if You Are Under Birth Control

Many people continue to propagate the claim that all family planning methods can prevent STDs which is not the case. The reality is that the only birth control technique that can minimize the risk of these diseases is condoms. Therefore, whether you are under contraceptive pills, you should still use condoms to prevent STDs.

With One Partner, You Do Not Have to Worry About These Diseases

You may think that now that you are in a monogamous relationship, you cannot get STDs. However, the truth is that they can still transmit these diseases to you, especially when you cannot tell about their sexual history. Your partner could be reluctant to discuss their past relationship and sexual health, thus exposing you to STDs if they have those infections.

Once Treated for STDs, You Are Good to Go

Many people think they are immune to this disease after undergoing STD treatments. Nonetheless, the truth behind that baseless idea is that the infections can still reoccur. Therefore, it is recommended to seek regular tests for STDs for as long as you are sexually active.

You Can Easily Tell if You Have STDs

You may think detecting STDs for you or your partners is always easy, but you are mistaken. Although some STDs, such as gonorrhea, have symptoms, other diseases, such as chlamydia, may strike you without any symptoms. For the latter, you can easily transmit the disease to other individuals without knowing. Therefore, you should not wait for the symptoms when contemplating the tests.

Penetrative Sex Is the Only Cause of STDs

Many people used to think you could only get these diseases through intercourse. Nonetheless, the reality is that you can still get these infections by sharing sex toys with other individuals with STDs. Additionally, the blood contaminated with the pathogens can also pass these diseases to others, especially when sharing equipment such as needles.

You Cannot Treat STDs

Some individuals end up in depression after getting STDs since they believe these diseases are untreatable. However, here is a relief if you have been stuck to that myth. Usually, different treatment methods can help you if you have STDs. For example, you can alleviate gonorrhea symptoms using the antibiotic ceftriaxone.

A quality sexual life is the dream of every individual in a romantic relationship. Nonetheless, different STDs hinder lover bird couples from meeting this dream. Worse, the misconceptions around these diseases hinder individuals from discussing and pursuing the test for these diseases. Fortunately, the above-busted myths can help you and your partner understand STDs and get the courage to undergo STD tests for better sex life.