4 Things to Know About Marijuana Legalization

4 Things to Know About Marijuana Legalization

The use of cannabis dates back to ancient times. It has for a long time been useful in alleviating multiple ailments like nausea, anxiety, chronic pain and more. However, the US government started regulating the sales of cannabis in the late 1800s. And most states have legalized the use of medical and recreational cannabis. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of debate surrounding the use of cannabis. There are also stringent regulations for selling, processing and growing marijuana.

Here are important things to know about cannabis legalization:

  1. The black market still exists!

Nowadays, there are many accredited cannabis outlets like the 253 farmacy organics dispensaries. You can purchase quality products from these stores if you meet the state regulations. You can also seek information on the products, usage and ideas.

However, the black market still exists, and not everyone buys legal weed. Legal marijuana is taxed heavily, and all growers, sellers and users pay tax. For instance, the tax in Colorado is 28%, and 37% in Washington. Medical marijuana is cheaper, and the taxes are lower compared to recreational cannabis.

Illegal cannabis is cheaper since it’s tax-free. However, it’s associated with many risks, including inaccurate doses and adverse side effects. Quality and safety are also issues worth mentioning since you can’t be sure of the product’s components.

  1. You can’t use marijuana everywhere.

You can’t smoke marijuana in public and shouldn’t smoke and drive. However, it’s difficult to prove cannabis impairment. There are no cannabis breathalyzers, and some companies like Hound Labs and Cannabix Technologies are in the process of testing them. Moreover, it’s illegal to travel with cannabis between two states as per federal law. However, you can consume marijuana in different ways as long as you store it safely and smoke away from kids.

  1. You can’t buy for or sell to another person.

Even if you live far from the cannabis dispensary, you can’t send someone else to purchase for you. You’ll get many products from the dispensaries near Turner Falls and should pick the products from the store or order online. Unless you’re a licensed retailer, it’s illegal to sell cannabis to another party. If found selling marijuana without proper certification, you risk up to 14 years in prison and a fine of $5000. You can freely share your products with friends, though!

  1. Can I grow marijuana at home?

Yes, with proper licensing. Federal laws allow recreational uses to grow cannabis at home. You can grow up to four plants per household and up to a meter tall. In states like Columbia, you should grow the plants out of public view. Also, you shouldn’t move the plants when they’re flowering.

How big is the cannabis market?

The marijuana market is a booming industry and has grown to hit millions of dollars. For instance, in 2020, the chronic pain sector hit the highest revenue due to increase awareness of the benefits of medical cannabis. Nevertheless, the adult segment continues to dominate the market with a revenue of 54.6% in 2020. It’s expected that the global cannabis market will hit about 70.6 billion in 2028.

The bottom line

Cannabis laws vary between states, and it’s best to understand the regulation in your state. Only buy marijuana from legitimate stores and find out about the quantity restrictions before ordering.