What’s New In Ruger Vaquero Holsters

What’s New In Ruger Vaquero Holsters

El Paso Saddlery Speed Rig Holster Review - Ruger Vaquero SASS PistolsHolsters for the Ruger Vaquero Holsters are not particularly hard to come by, but shopping for one for the first time can be a bit bewildering for people who have never done so. Holsters can be broken down into three primary categories: open top, closed top, and scabbard. 

Leather or synthetic material of some kind is typically used in the production of the holster. It keeps the gun safe by covering the trigger guard and attaching it to a belt or waistband so that it can be worn.

The holsters for the Ruger Vaquero were created with an emphasis on the firearm’s overall appearance. The fact of the matter is that a potential buyer of a firearm is drawn to this baby solely by its attractive appearance, even though it is promoted as being a pistol that has a smooth trigger pull and is accurate. Regardless of how the revolver you have looks, you will need to carry it in a holster of some kind.

Simply pulling the trigger on the Vaqueros will activate the release mechanism and allow them to be used. If the trigger is pulled upwards, the holster will detach from the retention mechanism and allow the weapon to be removed. 

By removing the adjustment buckle that is situated in the middle of the two straps, you will be able to customize the length of the holster. This gives you the ability to adjust the holster’s fit so that it can accommodate a variety of different-sized guns.


The fact that a person does not want anyone else to know what they have on their person is one of the primary motivating factors behind their decision to carry a concealed weapon (or bag). 

If you have your pistol concealed in a holster, then no one will be able to see it even if you draw it. When someone sees your firearm, they are more likely to think twice about challenging you or trying to take it away from you.

When it comes to the Ruger Vaquero Holsters, you have a wide variety of options from which to choose. Four distinct finishes can be selected, and for each of those finishes, there is a selection of barrel sizes that can be selected. 

The lengths of the barrels range from just under four inches up to six inches. The wooden handles add a sizeable amount of extra weight to the load that needs to be carried. Additionally, revolvers can be quite expensive, which is another reason why you should look for a holster that is made of leather because it will offer the highest level of protection possible for your firearm. 

Make sure that the holster you choose can accommodate the size of the Vaquero that you currently own, regardless of the model that you currently own.

Ruger Vaquero holsters are built to hold your handgun securely and safely by their very nature. They are designed to prevent the gun from going off accidentally, but if the holster gets wet, you need to let it dry out before you can put it back in its proper location. 

This helps to ensure that moisture does not become trapped between your firearm and the holster, which could potentially cause corrosion and shorten the lifespan of your firearm.