What Should You Expect from Your Disability Consultations Appointment?

What Should You Expect from Your Disability Consultations Appointment?

Disability consultations involve the assessment of your condition to ascertain the severity of your disability. You can expect disability consultations Cedar Rapids to include a worker’s compensation claim and examination from an independent medical examiner. Common examples of work-related injuries include repetitive stress, vehicle-related accidents, and slips or falls.

Disability consultations check both your physical and mental capabilities after your injury.

When do you need a disability consultation?

After a work-related injury, you will receive the necessary treatment to help you recover. However, after some time, there will be nothing that your doctor will be able to do to improve your condition. Such a point is called maximum medical improvement when you should seek a disability consultation to ascertain your award for disability impairment.

You can receive compensation when a work-related injury affects your ability to function as you would have previously. For example, if you were operating heavy machinery at work and you got hurt while working due to company negligence affecting your ability to work. In that case, you should start the process for a worker’s compensation claim.

What does the consultation involve?

Your specialist will examine your ability to function and ascertain any permanent changes you might have experienced after the accident. Your doctor will examine physical and mental impairment and use the state-certified disability rating system to grade your disability.

The rating is expressed as a percentage of up to 100% and affects your future income. If your disability is severe, affecting your ability to perform daily tasks, you might receive higher compensation than someone whose disability is not as intense. However, you should get a qualified independent medical examiner to assess your situation.

How can you minimize work-related injuries?

Although accidents at your workplace can occur suddenly, there are steps you can take to minimize their occurrence. You can reduce accidents by minding your work environment, including floors and machinery. For example, ensure your machines work before you begin a project.

Eating well and caring for your body will help you avoid work-related injuries because your body can handle everyday tasks. Exercise regularly to strengthen your body. Do not go to work high or drunk because substance use can affect your judgment resulting in an accident.

Ensure to take breaks when you are tired and avoid working when you are unwell. If you are sick, let your supervisor know that you cannot work and take the time to recover. Visit your doctor for treatment before you can resume work.

Depending on your work, ensure to wear protective gear to avoid preventable injuries. For example, coveralls and protective eyewear can help protect your body and health from debris or flying objects that can hurt you.

If you have suffered a work-related injury and require compensation, visit American Rehabilitation Medicine for disability consultations. The available physician and staff will perform the necessary tests to assess your physical or mental damage to make your claim. Call or schedule your appointment online today for an independent disability rating.