What is IQOS?

What is IQOS?

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Many people tend to think that IQOS is same as e-cigarettes. However, it is not true as IQOS or heat-non-burn products consists of actual tobacco. The whole idea of launching such products is that consumers can get the feel of smoking without actually sucking in combusted tobacco. Thus, in many ways IQOS is different but it gives the same feel that a cigarette gives. It is a quite safe alternative to smoking and less addictive as well. As per the makers of HeatStick, Heats tobacco is safer than traditional one. 


Many studies have shown that Heated Tobacco is not much harmful, and it doesn’t use addictive flavoured juices that is seen in vaping. The main difference between vaping and IQOS is that in vaping juice is heated that has nicotine while in Heating Sticks, tobacco is heated. 


Bring the change


If you want to live a healthy life eradicating smoke from life can work wonders. Cigarettes disadvantages are not unknown anymore. If you are someone who is finding it tough to do it then this new product is the one for you. In UK 1 out of every 6 death is because of smoking. If you have your reservations against using IQOS products, then they must know that there are health risks but much lesser than traditional smoking. The obvious reason is that heating vs burning releases less toxins. Quit smoking and getting addictive to vaping is one and the same. Consumption of cigarette is on a decline, but the vaping nicotine has definitely got youth’s attention these days. 


How is heating tobacco different from burning tobacco?


Heated tobacco is burnt at a lower temperature and therefore the tar, ash and smoke that contains harmful chemicals are released less. As a Heated Tobacco supplier, we never endorse an unhealthy life but smoking is far more dangerous than trying IQOS. It’s different in the sense that it doesn’t release the kind of smoke that a cigarette produces. Heated Tobacco contain a tobacco plug that is heated not used as a smoking substance. All in all, this new device is not that addictive plus ain’t that harmful. If you are someone who have decided to quit smoking but still not able to figure out how, then try IQOS products.