The Common Chronic Venous Insufficiency Treatments That You are Likely to Have

The Common Chronic Venous Insufficiency Treatments That You are Likely to Have

Legs are important organs since they help us to walk, jump, run, and stand. Since they are active, they require a regular flow of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood from and back to the heart. However, there are instances where individuals suffer conditions that interfere with the blood flow. One of the common conditions is chronic venous insufficiency, where the leg veins interfere with the blood flow back to the heart. Since this condition is critical, most people having Kissimmee chronic venous insufficiency seek treatment. You are likely to have the following remedies in a healthcare facility.

Employ Measures to Boost Your Blood Flow

One of the main reasons for this condition is not enough blood flowing in their veins back to the heart. One of the ideal ways to treat their condition is by employing measures to boost their blood flow. One of the ways that the specialist can advise you is to raise your legs. This process can help to reduce swelling while increasing blood flow. The specialist can customize the right exercises according to your condition and body type. There are other instances the specialist can advise you to have compression stockings.


Sometimes the specialists can use various medications to boost the blood flow in your vessels. In most instances, the doctor can combine the medications with compression therapy since it is effective to heal leg ulcers. The importance of visiting the specialist rather than using over-the-counter medications is that some medications negatively impact our bodies. There are other instances where these medications can cause addiction.


Even though chronic venous insufficiency is termed a chronic condition, it also varies from one person to another. In most instances, Sclerotherapy is used for individuals having serious cases. The specialist will inject a chemical into the affected veins. After the injection, the chemical will cause veins to scar so that these affected veins will stop carrying blood. The blood will start returning to the heart through the other veins while the blood starts absorbing the scarred veins.

Radio Frequency Ablation

This is one of the minimally invasive procedures. The specialist will heat the affected vein with a tube (catheter). This heat’s importance is that it will help close the affected vein. After this closing, there will be less blood pooling in the leg. This process will boost the overall blood flow.


If you have this condition, surgery is another procedure that you could have. One of the common surgery types is ligation. The doctor will tie off the affected vein to stop the blood from flowing through it. If the veins or the valves are heavily damaged, the doctor can opt to remove them through a process known as vein stripping.

Chronic venous conditions have been common among most people. However, despite this common condition, most people delay or fail to seek treatment. The main reason is some believe that the condition will heal naturally, while others fear seeking treatment. This delay has caused the condition to worsen and become hard to treat. If you have this condition, you should seek treatment early rather than wait for the condition to worsen.