Should I take BCAAs

Should I take BCAAs

BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids has remained one of the most popular supplements for decades. It is known to be a powerful muscle-building. There is immense research on the effect of BCAAs on muscle growth and athletic performance. But should you take BCAAs? How does it help and are there any safety concerns? We will dive into each and find the answer in this article. 

What is BCAAs? 

BCAAs or Branched-chain amino acids are combined amino acids consisting of three other

acids- isoleucine, leucine, and valine. These amino acids are considered to be building blocks of

proteins and play a huge role in various functions such as improving muscle endurance, faster

recovery, and increased protein synthesis. It also keeps your muscles protected from the

catabolic effect of dieting and improves muscle gain efforts. However, the benefits of BCAAs on

athletic performance has been highly debatable. Some may say it’s a must-have supplement

for muscle building while others believe it is overhyped.

Despite the discrepancy in opinion, BCCA remains one of the popular supplements available in

the market with the claim to help many athletes and bodybuilders


Benefits of BCAAs

Unlike most amino acids, BCCA is directly metabolized in muscle cells and easily gets absorbed

into the bloodstream. This means it instantly increases protein synthesis and prevents protein

breakdown helping muscles with additional fuel during long exercise. This also results in

enhanced muscle recovery allowing athletes to push themselves to perform again and again.

It has also been shown to be effective in reducing fatigue and muscle soreness. It is mainly due to its suppressing effect on tryptophan which decreases serotonin production. 

Should I take BCAAs? 

Are you thinking about taking BCAAs or not? According to Body Transformation Coach Aditya Shrivastava BCAAs supplement is helpful but not an essential supplement to gain muscle. If you follow a balanced diet, then taking BCAAs will not provide additional benefits. Leucine is the most effective of all three BCAAs. If you get 3-10 gram leucine per day, you will get all the benefits of boosting protein synthesis. 

But athletes who are on a low caloric diet and want to retain muscle mass can benefit from BCCAs. Those on a vegan/ vegetarian diet with a low protein intake can also consider taking the supplement. 


How much to take:

The average dose of BCAA is considered to be 4-20 grams per day. It can be consumed

anytime throughout the day but consuming before a workout seems to reduce muscle soreness.

You can also take it between meals if your diet lacks adequate levels of BCCA. Consuming

BCAA usually takes a week or more to show its benefits if taken the right dose daily.


Side effect:


BCAA is safe and can be consumed daily without any negative effects on health.

Though some side effects of overconsumption may include headache, diarrhoea, fatigue, and

nausea. It is not recommended to people with high levels of blood sugar or health conditions

related to the heart or kidney.



BCAAs are an excellent supplement that can provide essential amino acids for muscle growth. However, if you consume a balanced diet with a good protein intake, then it will not add any extra benefit. Those who lack sufficient protein from natural food sources due to a restricted diet may benefit from BCCA the most. It also helps athletes who perform high endurance exercise under a low-calorie or low carbohydrate intake.


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