Marijuana: Alternatives To Smoking

Marijuana: Alternatives To Smoking

Lighting up is not the only way to experience the psychoactive effects of marijuana nowadays. As THC has become more commercialized, cannabis producers are developing more appealing ways to ingest it. Now, people can enjoy the benefits of weed without potentially damaging their lung health. Individuals with cardiopulmonary conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can partake in the form of edibles or powders. Likewise, people with respiratory diseases such as asthma can consume marijuana using patches or pills.

Marijuana can be enjoyed not only by people with medical conditions, but those who are sensitive to the smell or simply want to avoid the throat and lung irritations often associated with smoking. There are medicinal and recreational products to match almost anyone’s comfort level — you just have to decide which method works for you.

The first step is deciding what you want to get out of the experience. Start by determining if you want to use it recreationally or medicinally, and if you are striving to get high or not. When you have a clear idea, you can start looking into the alternatives.

If you feel more comfortable with ingesting CBD or THC products in a traditional medical treatment form, than pills, capsules or tablets may be the best route. They are discreet and there is little to no taste or odor. If you don’t mind the odor, investigate the wide market of edibles. From CBD gummies to cannabis oil-infused tea, there is a world of possibilities. Canna-butter could be a great way to create your own tasty treats, such as marijuana brownies or CBD cookies.

Alternatively, cannabis-infused topical medications can be applied directly to the skin. These are typically used to absorb the numerous beneficial properties from cannabinoids. They are available in balms, massage oils, scalp moisturizers and so much more. Many specialists and doctors recommend these products to help ease muscle cramping and soothe skin irritation. Several ointments contain additional therapeutic ingredients to complement the soothing effects of cannabis, making them ideal for people who want localized and quick relief.

Not to blow smoke, but with all the options on the market today, it has never been easier to experience the benefits of cannabis. Whichever product you decide to try, make sure you are comfortable first and in a relaxed environment. For more information on smoking alternatives, check out the accompanying resource.