<strong>Learn About the Common Eye Problems among Children for Better Future</strong>

Learn About the Common Eye Problems among Children for Better Future

Many parents often complain that their children are squinting their eyes or says they cannot properly see when studying. It is typically believed that children throw tantrums to avoid studying and make excuses about their eye problems. But in reality, one child out of four has trouble with their eyesight. So, as a parent, if you think your children are making stories it is not valid. The probability of having eyesight problems among children increases much more if they reside in underdeveloped communities, states, or nations. Low-income families are likely to have children with eye problems, which often worsen with less access to proper medical facilities. 

But there are ways to resolve this situation of eye problems among children, mainly among those underserved communities. Philanthropists like Tej Kohli and Dr. Sanduk Ruit have been working tirelessly to restore the sight of children suffering from corneal blindness or cataract-induced loss of sight. However, there are several other common eye problems among children. 

Some Common Eye Problems Among Children

One of the main reasons children’s vision is susceptible to diseases is because they are still developing. Any untreated infection, misaligned eyes, and refractive errors can harm vision in the long run. It is hence vital that parents and elders know about eye diseases and problems among children so it’s not brushed aside and treatment can be given as soon as possible. 

1. Cloudy Eyes 

A child’s eyes may appear cloudy, and though often this cloudy eye symptom is associated with elderly people, children can get or be born with it. The sign indicates the child is suffering from a cataract, and early detection and cataract surgery can restore the vision completely. 

2. Blocked Tear Duct 

At least two out of ten babies suffer from a blocked tear duct. The condition does not allow the tears to drain normally, which causes irritation and water eye leading to infection. Detection of the issue can cure with a few massage techniques, and in case there is no improvement after a few months, surgery can be done to open the tear duct. 

3. Pink Eye 

Conjunctivitis is often referred to as pink eye, where the white part of the eye turns pink due to allergy or infection. It can be caused due to bacteria and allergies. Often it goes away by itself despite being contagious, but sometimes doctor’s help is needed with some antibiotic eye drops when things can’t be controlled at home. 

4. Droopy Eyelids 

Ptosis causes droopy eyelids leading to blocked vision, and often surgery is needed to raise the lid so the sight can be restored. 

5. Cross Eyes 

Four out of a hundred children suffer from Strabismus, where one eye goes up, down, in, and out while another looks straight ahead. Strabismus must be treated as soon as detected because it can lead to the brain ignoring the signal of the crossed eye to shun double vision. 

6. Refractive Errors 

A child can suffer from three different kinds of refractive errors:

  • Shortsightedness: In this, the child suffers from Myopia in which they fail to have a clear distance vision 
  • Longsightedness: The objects close to the eyes become blurred because of Hyperopia. 
  • Irregular Shaped Eyes: It is also known as Astigmatism; in it, the child suffers from having blurred vision at every distance. 

Apart from these, there are other problems:

  • Lazy Eyes or Amblyopia
  • Chalazion
  • Glaucoma 
  • Scratched cornea. 
  • Sty 
  • Swollen eyelids

Restoring Vision Back One Child At A TimeVery few people understand the social impact that loss of sight among children can cause in the long run. Apart from being unable to see and losing confidence, the children suffer from getting and availing the opportunity they can have with sight. Noble-hearted biotech investor Tej Kohli understands this. Given the situation that children face in the underserved nation, even with curable eye diseases and problems, Mr. Tej Kohli, along with ‘God of Sight’ eye surgeon Dr. Sanduk Ruit established the ‘Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation’ to cure the needless blindness often caused by cataract and other common yet curable eye diseases. The target is to complete 1,000,000 screening of patients and restore 500,000 sights in developing nations.