How Does Chin Plastic Surgery Work?

How Does Chin Plastic Surgery Work?

Plastic surgery on the chin, called mentoplasty, aims to reshape the chin using implants or the bone itself through fractures to advance or retreat the chin (the part that involves the jaw, neck, and the lower third of the face). Surgery helps balance and harmony between facial features and, therefore, improves self-esteem.

Chin Plastic Surgery Can Be Augmentation Or Reduction.

Augmentation rhinoplasties are much more common than reduction ones, as the latter procedure is more complex. Plastic surgery on the chin is used to correct various deformities, functional or appearance. Indication of the appropriate procedure is based on the type and extent of the deformity. It may also be recommended to aid in treating obstructive sleep apnea.

Before performing plastic surgery on the chin, chin surgery silicone short legs (เสริม คาง ขา สั้น which is the term in Thai) the first step is to perform a facial analysis that identifies the patient’s profile. The plastic surgeon observes the shape of the mandible and if what occurs is occlusion and skeletal deformity or if the chin is just projected or retracted.

In the preoperative period and the medical history, the specialist needs to collect the complete dental history. Orthodontic treatments must be done before mentoplasty because the teeth influence the position of the lips and the profile.

When the operation is to correct a bone development that is slightly less than expected, the inclusion of a chin prosthesis (or fat graft, depending on the case) is necessary. Often, plastic surgeons recommend chin surgery and nose surgery to achieve more balanced facial proportions (this is because chin size can increase or decrease the perceived size of the nose). The association of mentoplasty with rhinoplasty has a proper name: profiloplasty.

How Is Chin Plastic Surgery Performed?

Some surgeons prefer to start the procedure with liposuction on the neck to define the jaw’s contour better and make the angles more visible. In chin augmentation, an implant or new bone is inserted, which can be positioned either through an incision in the lower part of the chin or inside the mouth.

When the bone is repositioning (for reduction or augmentation), it needs to be sawed off, relocated, and fixed with plates and screws in the new position (a much more invasive procedure, therefore).

The plastic surgery on the chin lasts about an hour when opting for the implant. With bone advancement, the time is longer (between 1h30 and 2h). The patient is discharged on the same day. In cases of implants, the prosthesis is kept immobilized for seven days. It is recommended to avoid effort and sudden movements until the end of the first week when the stitches are removed, the dressing is removed, and a first evaluation is carried out.