How often should you use a massage chair?

Many people ask the question: “How often should I use a massage chair?” The answer to that question is actually more along the lines of: “Like how often you think you need to.” Using a massage chair on a regular basis is like anything else. You use it when it works for you and then when you don t feel […]

What medical tests should be done before marriage?

In order to curb HIV cases, Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Religious Affaris has made premarital HIV testing a compulsory screening for the Muslim community. Following this effort, the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) has been mulling over to make it compulsory even among non-Muslim Malaysian couple. However for now, they only encouraged all couples that plan to get married to do […]

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy For ADHD

There are many treatments out there that can help those with ADHD, but not all of them work for everyone. One of the most popular approaches to managing ADHD symptoms comes from the field of psychotherapy known as dialectical behavioural therapy, or DBT. In this brief guide, we’ll explain what DBT is and how it can help you live a […]

What is IQOS?

Many people tend to think that IQOS is same as e-cigarettes. However, it is not true as IQOS or heat-non-burn products consists of actual tobacco. The whole idea of launching such products is that consumers can get the feel of smoking without actually sucking in combusted tobacco. Thus, in many ways IQOS is different but it gives the same feel […]