Why You Should Be Using a Face Serum

Why You Should Be Using a Face Serum

If you cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice daily, you may think you have your skin care routine covered. But have you ever considered adding a face serum to your regimen? Face serums are not just another skin care gimmick. If you are not using face serum regularly, you may be missing out on some important benefits.

Face serums provide concentrated ingredients for beautiful skin that cannot be achieved through a moisturizer alone.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of using a face serum to support a beautiful, radiant complexion.

A Face Serum Is Different Than a Moisturizer

The main job of a moisturizer is to help maintain hydrated skin. Moisturization is often delivered through a thick, luxurious cream that you slather on your face, neck, and decollete. The moisturizer serves as a barrier on your skin to help preserve its moisture content. On the other hand, face serums are created to provide other skin benefits in addition to maintaining hydration. You’ll find face serums that are targeted at different skin care concerns such as:

  • Maintaining a smooth appearance
  • Supporting a refreshed complexion
  • Supporting a radiant glow
  • Maintaining softness and suppleness
  • Maintaining a youthful appearance


A face serum will be designed using specific concentrated levels of active ingredients depending on the skincare goals. 

A Face Serum Is Not a Replacement for a Moisturizer

While some face serums can help maintain hydrated skin to an extent, they are not intended to be used in place of moisturizer. Their purpose is to deliver concentrated active ingredients targeted to a specific skin care concern. After applying a face serum, it is best to apply a layer of moisturizer to preserve moisture and seal in the benefits of the face serum.

With a Face Serum, a Little Goes a Long Way

At first glance, you may assume that a face serum is simply a more expensive moisturizer in a smaller bottle. While they do come in a smaller package with a higher price tag, face serums serve a different purpose than a traditional moisturizer. Face serums are created with concentrated active ingredients and without the sticker, creamer ingredients used in moisturizers. This results in a thin, viscous liquid that is ready to target specific skin care concerns. You only need a small amount of face serum, usually only a few drops, so that seemingly tiny bottle can last a long time.

A Face Serum Can Refresh Your Skin

Since face serums are high potency formulas, you can receive optimal benefits from these serums.  Some of the best ingredients to look for in a face serum are:

  • Coffee seed
  • Green tea
  • Resveratrol
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

Using a face serum with these can help keep your complexion youthful and glowing.

USANA Vitalizing Serum: An Integral Part of Your Healthy Skin Regimen

For a healthy-looking appearance, make USANA Vitalizing Serum the next addition to your skincare routine. This powerful formula delivers the unique Celavive Cell-Signaling Complex containing highly concentrated active ingredients including two bioactive peptides and two botanical extracts. For a youthful, dewy complexion, apply USANA Vitalizing Serum twice daily after cleansing and toning, then follow up with a layer of your favorite moisturizer.