The Havening Technique: A Successful Anxiety Treatment

The Havening Technique: A Successful Anxiety Treatment


Millions of individuals throughout the world suffer from the crippling ailment of anxiety. It can impair daily functioning, reduce productivity, and harm general wellbeing. Fortunately, there are a number of methods available to reduce anxiety symptoms and encourage calm. The Havening Technique is one such method that is gaining popularity. We shall examine the Havening Technique and its possible advantages for anxiety management in this article.

The Havening Technique: What is it?

A psychosensory therapy called The Havening Technique was created by Dr. Ronald Ruden to address and treat emotional trauma. It uses mild touch and eye movements to alter the brain in a beneficial way. The Havening Technique seeks to lessen anxiety and encourage emotional healing by severing the brain circuits linked to upsetting memories.

The Havening Technique: How Does It Work?

A skilled practitioner leads the patient through a series of certain touches and movements during a Havening session. These actions cause the brain to produce delta waves when paired with positive visualisation. The rewiring of brain connections related to anxiety can be facilitated by delta waves, which are connected to deep relaxation.

The amygdala, a region of the brain responsible for processing emotions, is the focus of the Havening Technique. The Havening touch technique helps desensitise traumatic memories kept in the amygdala by softly caressing the hands, face, and arms. An emotional sense of resolution and a decrease in anxiety symptoms might result from this approach.

The Advantages of Anxiety Havens Promote Emotional Well-Being The Havening Technique gives people a way to control their anxiety and achieve emotional equilibrium. It gives people the ability to conquer their worries and restore control over their emotions by addressing the underlying causes of anxiety.

Reduces Anxiety Symptoms: Many people who have participated in Havening sessions say their anxiety symptoms have significantly decreased. There may be a reduction in racing thoughts, tense muscles, and intense feelings of anxiety or panic.

Enhances Resilience: By using the Havening Technique, people can improve their ability to cope with stress and adversity. They can develop a more upbeat and confident outlook by reprogramming the brain’s reaction to anxiety stimuli.

Safe and non-invasive: The Havening Technique is a safe method that does not involve the use of drugs or invasive treatments. It is regarded as secure and is compatible with various therapy techniques.


The Havening Technique offers a havening technique for anxiety, which can be a difficult condition to control. Psychosensory therapy can relieve symptoms and improve emotional wellbeing by rewiring the brain’s response to upsetting memories. The Havening Technique can be worth looking into if you’re looking for a productive and non-intrusive method of controlling anxiety. To find out more about how this technique can aid in your quest for a calmer, more well-balanced life, speak with a competent practitioner.

Always remember to seek expert advice when dealing with anxiety or any other mental health issue. The Havening Technique is just one tool in an all-encompassing wellness strategy.