Mushroom gummies – What you need to know before buying?

The rising popularity of functional mushrooms, and gummies infused with extracts like lions mane, turkey tail, and chaga have entered the market. Mushroom gummies provide a tasty and convenient dosing option. However, the choices can seem overwhelming for first-time buyers. Before purchasing mushroom gummies, here are some key considerations regarding sourcing, quality, and safety to help you make an informed decision. The mushroom supplements are created equal, so first understand what benefits you are seeking. 

  1. Lions Mane – Brain health, cognition, nerve growth  
  2. Turkey Tail & Reishi – Immunity and gut health
  3. Cordyceps – Energy, athletic performance   
  4. Chaga – Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Additionally, some gummies add herbs, vitamins, and amino acids to further enhance or complement the mushroom benefits. Be clear on what affects you want so you can evaluate options accordingly.

Look for organic ingredients 

mushroom gummies absorb and concentrate anything present in their growing medium. You want mushrooms grown on natural wood substrates like logs versus potentially contaminated grain or rice. Seek out certified organic mushrooms whenever possible to ensure purity. USDA Organic label ensures no pesticides or chemicals were used that could be concentrated. Likewise, opt for gummies with organic sweeteners like cane sugar over high fructose corn syrup.

Check for third party testing

Reputable mushroom supplement companies will have their products tested for purity, potency, and composition by independent labs. This ensures the accuracy of ingredients and dosing. The tests should confirm the identity of species and screen for contaminants like heavy metals, mold, and bacteria. Ask for or look up lab reports before purchasing to verify quality and freedom from contamination. 

Know the mushroom sources

Quality mushrooms come from carefully monitored growing facilities with strict protocols. Many leading gummy brands grow their mushrooms in regulated indoor growing rooms versus wild sourcing. This guarantees high-quality mushrooms picked at their optimal potency. Be wary of vague terms like “organic mushrooms” without detail on the growers and supply chain. Seek complete transparency.

Recognize true full spectrum

The products claim “full spectrum” but just contain mycelium powder which only represents a portion of the mushroom’s beneficial compounds. A true full spectrum look for dual extracts of both the mycelium biomass along the fruiting body. This provides the complete nutritional profile for maximum effects. Isolated extracts lack the natural balance and synergy. How well your body can absorb and utilize the mushroom nutrients depends on processing methods. Fermentation and enzymatic breakdown via enzymes like cellulase increase bioavailability substantially compared to standard hot water extracts. Seek out mushrooms subjected to fermentation or enzymatic processing for improved absorption and efficacy.

Examine the dosing

Pay close attention to the actual amounts of each mushroom contained per gummy. A “proprietary blend” don’t tell you how much of each mushroom is included. Look for around 500mg or more total mushroom content per gummy. Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps should be dosed upwards of 300mg. Lower doses are likely underpowered. Consider the total gummies and dosage schedule needed for intended benefits.

Avoid unnecessary fillers

The gummy brands boost profit margins by cutting mushrooms with cheap fillers like corn starch, rice flour, or sugar substitutes. Stick to products with mainly organic mushroom content versus those loaded with binders or flow agents. Simplicity and mushroom purity are key for both quality and avoiding allergies.