How To Increase The Chances Of Selection In A Job? 

How To Increase The Chances Of Selection In A Job? 

Getting your dream job is a matchless feeling. You are on the ninth cloud when you get the job; you are thinking day and night. There is no doubt that your job is the result of your hard work and your consistent efforts, but preparing a formatted resume is also affects your job career. A resume is a document through which your employer judges you.

It is a document that contains all your details regarding your academic curriculum, work experience, skills, and accomplishments. Every job sector includes a different job format according to the requirement of the job. You may prepare your resume yourself or get it to prepare from a resume buildIf you have knowledge about different resume types, you can select it better according to your requirement.

Different types of resume format

There are basically three resume formats, including a chronological resume, functional resume, and hybrid or combination resume. Let’s get a brief knowledge about them.

Chronological resume

This resume type is suitable for persons having work experience at a different location and in various job profiles. Under this type, the job applicant has to mention the information in reverse chronology. We can say the recent job experience and details have to be listed at the top and experience in the down list.

Functional resume

This resume type is suitable for freshers or candidates who have no work experience. Under this type of resume, the candidate has to focus more on skills and accomplishments rather than the work experience details.

Combination resume

As the name suggests, this resume type is a combination of a chronological and functional resume. That’s why it is commonly known as a hybrid resume. Under this, we have to focus on both aspects of work experience and skills and accomplishments.

Additional, to make your resume different from others

  • If you possess any additional skills like knowledge about programming languages C++, java, or fluency in handling accounting software like tally busy, you can mention or highlight it in your resume.


  • If you had done any social or volunteer work by which you are recognized or applauded by local or state government, you could mention it with great pride.



  • You may add your experience with online websites like freelancing or any other so that you are assigned that task in which you have already worked.

  • If you had done any project or thesis during your schooling or graduation, you might add it to your resume.



  • If you ever get a chance and attended any national or international conference or seminar, you can add it to the highlights.


Final thought

Whether you are preparing the resume yourself or by resume build, these are the essentials to be added to a resume to make it more impressive.