All About The Vital Role Played By A Delray Beach Anesthesiologist in Pain Management

When you are about to receive treatment or undergo surgery, you only worry about how qualified and experienced your doctor is. While this is important, you should even consider the importance and role of an anesthesiologist. 

Besides, nowadays, anesthesiologist Delray Beach even plays a vital role in treating chronic pain. They specialize in pain management. If there is a lingering pain in your body that has been there for years, it is time to consult an experienced and qualified anesthesiologist at Florida Pain Management Institute. 

They have an excellent pain management team and will customize a suitable plan for you and use a multimodal approach. 

Role of an anesthesiologist in pain management

Anesthesiologists are doctors just like any other doctor or surgeon. However, they now play a part in pain management and provide traditional anesthesia services. Some anesthesiologists that have dedicated their practice to treating chronic pain like migraine headaches, neck and back pain, or pain caused by different health conditions can help you manage pain that is impossible to cope with traditional medicines. 

Different types of anesthesia

General anesthesia: This type of anesthesia is usually infused via masks or IVs. The patient loses consciousness, and it is ideal for use in significant operations like knee replacement or open heart surgery. 

IV sedation: Also known as monitored anesthesia, keeps the patient relaxed. Depending on the procedure, different levels of sedation are provided. The patient may be able to talk, but won’t remember the exact process. If needed, IV sedation is even combined with local anesthesia. 

Regional anesthesia: This type of anesthesia is usually given for pain management in Delray Beach. A part of your body is numbed, and you feel no pain even if you are awake throughout the surgery. This type of anesthesia is mainly used during childbirth and arm, leg, and abdomen surgeries. The lower part of your body, below your waistline, is completely numbed for the procedure. 

Local anesthetic: This type of anesthesia is usually injected to numb a small body part. The patient is alert but doesn’t feel any pain. Local anesthesia suits procedures like removing a mole, setting a broken bone, or stitching a cut. 

Overall, anesthesiologists in Delray Beach provide many different services in addition to traditional anesthesia services. They will even be the ones to decide whether you are fit to go home or need to be kept under observation in the hospital. So, paying attention to the expertise level and experience of the anesthesiologist is vital.