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Aikido Classes for Teens: Is It Worth the Investment?

Aikido Classes for Teens: Is It Worth the Investment?

Benefits and Risks of Martial Arts Classes for Teens

The teenagers of today’s generation are quite different from the past. Their current culture is unique, and sometimes it challenges both parents and their children. Teenagers are in their vulnerable years, where they discover more about truth, friendship, creativity, and even themselves.

It’s a time when they want to explore more to quench their curiosity. And as much as you would like them to go through this path, you desire them to have a sound mind and strong body to endure the challenges of their teenage lives. And aikido classes for teens might be the key to guiding an independent, strong mind and body and a gentle teen. And if your family proceeds with it, will it be worth the investment?

What is aikido?

Compared to boxing, mixed martial arts, or other traditional Asian martial arts like taekwondo, karate, jujitsu, judo, or kendo, aikido differs significantly in several ways.

Aikido is deflecting an attack in a peaceful, nonviolent manner to neutralise its impact. Morihei Ueshiba developed aikido as a result of his philosophical beliefs and his proficiency in a variety of martial arts. Aikido enables a person to respond to an attack or problem while considering the attacker’s safety. A nonviolent resolution to an altercation is the aim of aikido. And your child will learn the philosophy and techniques through their aikido classes for teens

What can teens learn from their aikido classes?

Because of its emphasis on philosophy and emotional connection, aikido stands out from other martial arts. Your teen can practice this skill and learn to channel aggression while developing emotional self-control.

They’ll acquire physical, mental and emotional benefits. Because in their training, their bodies will move to become strong and fit. The young people will also hone their minds to contemplate and resolve conflicts, practice self-discipline, self-control, and respect, and become self-empowered and confident. 


Individual growth. 

In a time where kids often see “competition” in every aspect, wouldn’t you desire your teens to be free from that mindset? Because, in truth, the stress of competing with other kids causes many teens to struggle. Thus, they might find something different from traditional sports appealing.

However, in aikido, the primary goal is to improve oneself. 

They become focused on their goals and set to achieve them.

As competition within the teen culture grows, kids may have difficulty setting goals. It’s due to the overwhelming feeling of the unnecessary or unintentional comparison sometimes fed to them, whether from friends or some family members.

With aikido classes for teens, they learn to strive toward their goals as they strive toward accomplishing new degrees of skills and levels. They learned valuable lessons about how sweet their fruits of labour are.    

Is letting your teen join the classes worth the investment?

Teenagers’ worlds can occasionally be brutal. Aikido also becomes a haven for many teenagers due to its non-competition philosophy, which can provide them with extra support when they need it.

If you’re interested in giving the best investment for your child’s growth and development, click here for more details on aikido classes for teens.