5 Top Reasons Why STD Screening is Important

5 Top Reasons Why STD Screening is Important

Sexually transmitted diseases are among the most reported health concerns across the globe. While STDs can affect anyone, they are commonly diagnosed among young people. The most effective way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is by encouraging the need for awareness, prevention, and testing.

There are many benefits of regular STD testing, such as; saving you money in the future, preventing severe health complications, reducing the spread of STDs, improving your sexual health, and boosting peace of mind. In this article, we will examine the reasons you should have STD screening at Healthy Therapeutics Medical Practice, PLLC.

Prevents the Spread of STDs

Many of the commonly reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases have been spread through skin-to-skin contact. This is critical among relationships, where you can immediately act once you are diagnosed with STDs. Unintentionally spreading an STD to your partner can seriously affect your relationship or even cause it to end. While you may decide to use protective methods such as condoms, some STDs like human papillomavirus can affect you despite using protective methods.

If left untreated, sexually transmitted diseases can result in oral and cervical cancer. Some notable symptoms of STD infection include; itchy genitals, pain when peeing, abnormal vaginal bleeding, growth around your genitals, and an abnormal discharge from your genitals.

Prevent Severe Health Complications

Early detection of sexually transmitted diseases can help reduce your risk of long-term health complications. For instance, if chlamydia and gonorrhea are left untreated, they can result in pelvic inflammatory disease. This type of disease tends to cause the formation of scars in your fallopian tubes, which can cause fertility problems. Untreated cases of syphilis can cause severe and life-devastating health issues such as dementia and blindness.

Improves your Sexual Health

Routine STD screening and protected sex can play a significant role in allowing you to take control of your sexual health. Undetected sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia can increase your risk of pelvic inflammatory disease in women and fertility problems in both men and women. Additionally, untreated STDs can adversely affect your unborn baby, resulting in premature births, stillbirths, and miscarriages.

Ease of Treatment

One of the main reasons why you should have your sexually transmitted disease screened is because this process is quick and simple. To help determine the most suitable treatment for your STD, your healthcare provider will inquire about your sexual habits. Most STDs are highly treatable, particularly during the initial stages. Most healthcare providers recommend early STD screening to help lower your risk of serious health complications and have better control of your sexual health.

Builds trust in Relationships

Sexually transmitted diseases can have mild to no symptoms, making them difficult to notice. That said, most doctors recommend routine STD screening to avoid its spread. If you are diagnosed with an STD, you are advised to inform your partner to prevent spreading it. You will likely destroy your relationship if your partner eventually finds out you were diagnosed with an STD and did not tell them. To help protect your partner, consult your doctor, who will recommend various ways of having protected sex.

Have your STD Screening Today

Since anyone can get infected by a sexually transmitted disease, even if you have never had sexual intercourse, you are advised to consider routine STD screening. One of the notable benefits of considering early STD screening is that you can have control over your sexual health. As mentioned earlier, you can have a sexually transmitted disease with no symptoms and spread it to your partner. Get started today and schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider for an STD screening.