Why Is An EMR/EHR Mobile Integration Useful

Why Is An EMR/EHR Mobile Integration Useful

Using EMR Philippines and EHR systems has significantly helped hospitals and health centers provide their patients with quality care. This software allows physicians to easily keep health records, such as medical history and treatments. 

However, having it installed on a computer is not enough. Mobile integration can effectivelystreamline processes like reducing the time spent logged into workstations while working and increasing the efficiency of inpatient medical care. 

There are various reasons you can consider integrating mobile EMR or EHR applications. 

Documentation Accuracy

By having a mobile EMR or EHR app, you can take notes while communicating with a patient. This reduces the space for making errors and the effort you may have spent documenting the encounter afterward. 


You can provide your patients with electronic prescriptions so they can easily buy the medications in drug stores. Moreover, people may tend to lose their paper prescriptions, making it hard for them to purchase again in the future. E-prescriptions allow your patients to have a copy of all your prescribed medicines on a smartphone to lessen the time they spend finding them. 

Healthcare Interoperability

Users of the mobile app can communicate inside and outside the company andit may help provide patients with an excellent experience. The interoperability feature may also bevaluable for healthcare firms.

More Effective Source of Income

Healthcare professionals can submit their billing at the time of patient contact with mobile EHR applications. Physicians may have quicker payer reimbursement, thus improving billing timeliness and steady cash sources. 

Better Patient Scheduling

Doctors and nurses work all kinds of shifts, making it challenging for patient scheduling. However, mobile healthcare applications help medical practitioners post their work shifts in advance. Some apps may even have a feature that recognizes their most common schedules to make it easier to set up.  

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