Returning To Work FAQ’s After Covid

Returning To Work FAQ’s After Covid

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, employees must be tested for COVID. Employers now have to follow the guidance of local authorities and implement protocols that will allow employees to return to work safely while states phase in their reopening of businesses. There has been a rise in the number and types of testing and screening vendors that offer solutions. These include digital symptom checking apps, on-site thermal scanners, virus/antibody testing services, as well as digital symptom checking applications. These FAQs are often asked by customers.

1 What federal and state guidelines are applicable to employers in screening and testing employees returning from work?

The CDC issued the general guidelines. These guidelines outline how a return to office buildings should look and include:

+ Daily health checks

+ Conducting an assessment of workplace hazards

+ If necessary, encourage employees to wear cloth face covers at work

+ Policies and practices to social distancing:

+ Posting CDC signage “Stop The Spread”

+ Training personnel to learn new protocols

+ Disinfecting the workplace

While the CDC offers guidance regarding screening and testing, testing decisions are made according to state and local laws. For example, some states require that employees be screened every day. Employers should be aware of the possibility that public health authorities will change their guidance as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. As the COVID-19 pandemic develops, employers should be aware that public health authorities’ guidance is likely to change.

2 Which EEOC guidelines apply to employee COVID testing.

Employers have two options to ensure the safety of their workers according to the EEOC guidelines.

  1. Temperature screening
  2. Check for coronavirus symptoms

If an employer suspects that a worker is suffering from symptoms, they may exempt them from work.

EEOC laws were still in force during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers can follow the CDC and other state/local healthcare authorities’ suggestions about what steps they should take regarding COVID-19.

Employers should consider the following EEOC parameters when deciding whether to conduct employee COVID testing.

+ COVID-19 screening/testing, like temperature screening, must be performed on a nondiscriminatory basis. This means that each employee who enters the workplace should be tested.

+ Testing results must be kept confidentially according to the ADA regulations.

+ Any screening, test, or inquiry that goes beyond the immediate threat is prohibited by law.

+ An employee can have a medical condition. Employers should decide if they are able to offer accommodation. An alternative option could be a nasal swab.

+ Employers need to consider how to handle an employee refusing to participate in a test. If an employee refuses to cooperate, the employer may refuse to let them access the workplace.

Important Note: Employers are not protected from liability for visitors or employees visiting their business premises by complying with this FAQ. Employers who use screening and testing procedures should consult their legal counsel.

3 What questions should employers ask vendors regarding their symptom-checker applications?

+ What experience do you have in implementing digital solutions to employers at your company?

+ How can employers get assistance in developing a screening strategy?

+ How long will it take to implement?

+ What customization options are available to employers?

+ What screening questions should I ask? How does the checker refer users to the appropriate level/site/provider?

+ What reporting and analytics options are available to employers?

+ How will data privacy and security be protected?

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What are some services offered by the Wellness Firm? How can they help?

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