Important Things to Do Before the Facelift Procedure

Important Things to Do Before the Facelift Procedure

What comes to your mind when you hear about aging signs? Well, you could think of wrinkles and fine lines. However, there are other age-related skin concerns, such as saggy skin. One thing in common, reduced collagen production is the leading cause of these aging signs.

In the case of saggy skin, the low collagen level will reduce the skin’s firmness making your skin loose. The good news is that you can lean on Englewood plastic and reconstructive surgery to tighten your skin. This way, you will achieve a more colorful skin texture, thus restoring your youthful looks. Keep reading this article to understand how you should prepare for a facelift.

Do Your Research

It will be absurd to seek a facelift without knowing what it entails. Take your time and research online about what this procedure entails. This way, you will know what to expect during the procedure.

For clarity, you can discuss your findings with your surgeon. The plastic surgeon will be ready to explain any jargon that could have encountered online concerning facelifts. By knowing what the procedure entails, you ease the restlessness that you could have.

Review Your Medications

Do you know that certain medications can interfere with facelift procedures? Some drugs, such as anti-inflammatory medications, can affect the blood clotting mechanism. Consequently, they can expose you to excessive bleeding during plastic surgery.

Therefore before a facelift appointment, it is good to reveal your medication to the surgeon. The specialist will advise you to suspend the intake of drugs with potential side effects. Further, they will recommend alternative medications to continue suppressing your underlying condition.

Stop Smoking

One of the vital steps in preparation for any surgery is to quit smoking. Patients who smoke before the operation have significant risks of complications after surgery. Nicotine usually obstructs the blood flow to the skin cells.

As a result, your cells will not get adequate oxygen and nutrients. This instance will undermine your healing process. Therefore, if you are a smoker, you should take the necessary steps to stop this habit before a facelift appointment.

Plan for a Ride

Before facial surgery, the surgeon will administer anesthesia. The idea here is to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Nevertheless, the anesthetic effects do not always diminish immediately after the operation.

You could have tiredness making it difficult for you to drive back home. Therefore, you should always organize a trip to and from the plastic surgery facility. Request your relative or friend to accompany you for a safe ride.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is one of the most consumed drugs in the modern day. People often perceive caffeine to be harmless. However, excessive caffeine intake can do more harm than good, especially as you anticipate a facelift.

A high level of caffeine usually raises blood pressure and heart rate. These changes can expose you to excessive bleeding during the operation. Days leading to your surgery, you should therefore lower the intake of coffee.

Are you concerned with sagging skin? Worry no more since a facelift can help you tighten your skin and achieve a youthful look. To get much out of this surgical procedure, you should prepare adequately. Research the facelift to ease the anxiety that you could have before the procedure. Quitting the smoking habit is also helpful before a facelift appointment. Further, it would help if you reduced the consumption of caffeine.