Importance of good health

Importance of good health

Health is a set of wellbeing, not only of our mind and body but also of our emotions and soul. Health plays a dominant role in keeping us happy, for individuals who are disease free they tend to be more happy and joyful when compared to those who are ill and suffering from prolonged sickness. Maintaining good health is an art, and can only be achieved when a proper diet and routine is a part of our life.

Why is good health important?

  1. An individual with good health is capable of serving himself, his family and nation as a whole. On the contrary, an unhealthy individual is unable to carry out his duties and responsibilities and sooner or later becomes dependent on others. Hence the presence of healthy people in the society means, the presence of productive people who has the power of improving the state and condition of a society and country as a whole.
  2. A person if healthy, can lead a hassle free life i.e. he need not have to go to hospitals or spend money on his treatments. Instead he can use the money and time to continue with a good lifestyle, which can help him have good health and long life.
  3. Psychologically healthy people lead a happy life and are able to enjoy the most. However, individuals who are mentally ill they tend to stay sad, and are not able to enjoy their life, health or relationships.

How can you achieve a good health?

Following tips can be followed for achieving good health;

  1. Healthy meals: It is important that you consume healthy diet that can keep your immunity strong and also enables you maintain healthy weight.
  2. Add fruits and vegetables: One of the key mantras of staying healthy is, adding fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. This enables you consume sufficient minerals, vitamins, protein etc. thus helping you stay healthy for life.
  3. Drink lots of water: Water plays an important role on our overall health; hence one should be mindful and consume water properly. Drinking water can keep muscles and joint working; also, it gives us good skin and cleanses toxins from our body.
  4. Exercise regularly:  Make sure to workout moderately for at least 30 minutes in a day. This practice helps prevent any form of heart disease, diabetes, stroke etc.
  5. Get enough sleep: Sleep is another essential ingredient which helps us stay healthy. Hence an individual must ensure to get a good and sound sleep.
  6. Shed out extra weight: If you are overweight, it is very important that you shed that as soon as possible. The best way to reduce your weight is, reduce calorie intake your body. This is immensely going to help and will enable you come back to shape.


The facts mentioned above very well clarifies the importance of good health in our life and how the same can be achieved. Practicing good habits and making them a part of our life shall make you healthy. Hence every individual should stay determined and focus when it comes to their health, after all “Health is wealth”,