How Laser Cap Therapy can Address Hair Loss

How Laser Cap Therapy can Address Hair Loss

Laser photobiomodulation is emerging as a life-changing therapeutic approach in regenerative medicine. It involves exposing the scalp to wavelengths in the red to the infrared light spectrum. Laser caps Austin can address hair loss and improve hair density. Here is how laser cap therapy can promote hair regrowth.

The hair growth process

Hair growth is a cyclic process with four different phases. The anagen stage is the longest in the entire hair regrowth cycle. It is when hair follicles emerge and continue growing for years.

The cycle duration may vary depending on the hair follicle’s location. Pubic hair and eyebrows have a shorter growth phase than the follicles on your scalp.

The hair will eventually fall at the end of its lifespan. Typically, 90% of scalp follicles are always in the anagen phase.

The catagen, telogen, and exogen phases are the stage of the hair growth cycle. The phases’ duration is shorter than the anagen phase. Only 10 to 20% of hair follicles are in these phases at any time.

What is photobiomodulation therapy?

Laser caps therapy is a non-invasive procedure that can reverse male and female pattern baldness. It works on the same principle as photobiomodulation therapy or LLLT (Low-level Laser Treatment).

Photobiomodulation therapy utilizes wavelengths of light ranging from red to infrared light. It has been recognized as an effective modality for promoting wound healing, nerve disorders, and chronic pain. Research shows the non-thermal process has a regenerative effect on the hair follicles.

How do laser caps promote hair regrowth?

The laser caps utilize multiple diodes producing a specific range of wavelengths on your scalp. Twenty minutes of exposure to light is sufficient to promote follicle regeneration. Studies indicate LLLT can boost hair volume for male and female patients with hair pattern baldness.

Studies are yet to establish LLLT’s precise mechanism for baldness. But research suggests specific wavelengths of light promote stem cell regeneration. The effect on stem cells encourages cell migration and multiplication.

LLLT laser diodes in the cap stimulate stem cells at the anagen phase of hair growth. It jump-starts dormant hair follicle regeneration to increase the number of hair on your scalp.

Stem cell stimulations extend the anagen phase at the first stage of the cycle. It also limits the early onset of the catagen stage. As a result, hair density and volume increase.

Why choose laser caps?

Laser caps can stimulate hair follicles to restore volume and density for people with pattern baldness. It is a painless, non-invasive therapy that does not involve medication or incisions. It is ideal for sensitive skin where alternative treatments may cause complications.

The process is convenient for patients and usually takes only ten minutes. You will attend two to three sessions a week for several weeks. Patients notice a considerable increase in density after completing their sessions.

Your laser specialist will assess your scalp and overall health before customizing the sessions for your case. Experienced professionals have the requisite expertise to optimize the process for the best outcomes.

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