How can amla powder work for hair health?

How can amla powder work for hair health?

Amla Health Benefits | 7 easy ways to use Amla

We all love to have great hair. Silky and smooth with a great volume and shine. But for this, we have to use multiple products. Frankly, most do not even prove to be useful. They cause more harm than any good due to the chemicals that are present in them. We suggest you should go back to the good old trusted natural beauty products like Alma powder. It is a wonder product for hair. It not just works as a tonic for hair but has medicinal properties as well. Amla or gooseberry is good for health even as a fruit. It makes the scalp healthy and also works great with curly hair too. 

A few noted benefits of using Amla for your hair:

Amla powder is good for your hair in more than one way. It helps to keep your scalp conditioned and promotes healthy hair growth. It works wonders for those who are using henna, as it makes them even more glossy and improves the tone of hair dye. Amla also helps reduce the grey hair and boosts volume. There is a noted reduction in dandruff and it also treats the lice problem. 

How does it work?

There are many benefits of using Amla for your hair. It works as a tonic and enriches the hair and scalp from within. There are vitamins such as vitamin E. This vitamin is responsible for healthy blood circulation in the body. It is also known to promote the regeneration of cells and enhance any healing process. It has proven to be better than other products in the market. It has also proven to be effective against the hair loss problem to quite an extent. 

Amla is also known to be a rich source of vitamin C, phosphorus, tannins, iron and calcium. When you apply amla powder to your hair these nutrients are directly transferred into the skin of the head. Vitamin C works as an excellent antioxidant help in the regeneration of the skin and makes the scalp healthy. This also promotes the growth of new hair. There is no dandruff problem and you in turn get healthy voluminous hair.

How should you use it?

There are many natural beauty products in the market that contain Amla powder directly or indirectly. You can also choose to apply it directly in the form of a paste and make a hair mask. This type of hair mask mixture is available in the market. Or you can make your own mask for hair as well. You can mix it with coconut oil for best results rather than making the mix with water. This will help all the nutrients get better absorbed in your scalp. Always use a patch test to see for any allergies. Make sure you do not get any rashes or hives from the application of this paste, which is a very rare case. Apply a small portion on your forearm and leave the patch for a while and cover it with a bandage. If there is no allergic reaction, go ahead use it.