Experience Unparalleled Quality with Royal Honey VIP 

Experience Unparalleled Quality with Royal Honey VIP 


Are you looking for a way to feel pampered and unlock the benefits of luxury? Then it’s time to learn about Royal Honey VIP. This exclusive membership program is designed to give members access to luxurious spa treatments, exclusive discounts, and other perks. Keep reading to learn more! 


Royal Honey VIP is designed for those who want to experience the royal treatment. As a member, you will receive exclusive discounts on all spa services and products, as well as complimentary use of the sauna and steam room facilities at participating locations. You’ll also have access to special events that are only available to Royal Honey VIP members, such as wine tastings or educational seminars about beauty topics. Additionally, you’ll be able to take advantage of free shipping on orders over $50. 


When signing up for Royal Honey VIP, you can choose from two plans—Basic or Premium. With both plans, your membership fee will be waived when you sign up for an annual subscription. The Basic plan gives members access to all of the aforementioned benefits plus 10% off of additional services or products purchased throughout the year. The Premium plan includes all of these same benefits as well as 15% off additional purchases and one complimentary service or product per month. 


For those who want even more luxurious experiences, there are several exclusive packages available with Royal Honey VIP Membership. These options include a three-night stay in an upscale hotel with dinner at a gourmet restaurant; a week-long cruise around Europe; and an all-inclusive five-day getaway package at a beach resort in Mexico or Hawaii. Each package includes transportation from your home city and is tailored specifically for each member’s needs and desires.  



If you’re looking for ways to make life more luxurious without breaking your budget, consider becoming a Royal Honey VIP Member today! With exclusive discounts on spa services and products, complimentary use of sauna/steam rooms at participating locations, special events just for members, free shipping on orders over $50, and stunning vacation packages—you won’t regret choosing this luxurious membership program! Sign up now to start unlocking all the amazing benefits that come with being a Royal Honey VIP Member!