Canchita: The Perfect Dempsey Hill Wedding Restaurant for an Unforgettable Peruvian Culinary Experience

If you’re planning a wedding and are on the hunt for a restaurant that serves sumptuous Peruvian cuisine, then look no further than Canchita at Dempsey Hill. Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s lush jungle, Dempsey Hill is a vibrant lifestyle destination that features a variety of bars and restaurants, boutique shops, and leisure attractions. Canchita is one of the […]

Vietnamese culinary delights in Singapore: A foodie’s guide to the most delicious Vietnamese food

Singapore prides itself on being a city of culinary delights, particularly with its vast array of traditional and international cuisines. Among these, Singaporean foodies are in for a treat when it comes to exploring the local Vietnamese food scene. Offering an array of flavors and textures, Vietnamese cuisine is known for its use of fresh ingredients and complexity of flavors. […]


You might be wondering what wine tasting is all about if you’re new to the world of wine. Regular customers, wine connoisseurs, and industry professionals favor this way of judging wine quality. Whether you consider yourself an expert, aspiring wine enthusiast, or novice, learning how to taste wine correctly is one of the greatest ways to appreciate it. Therefore, wine […]

Five Ways to Stay Healthy in a Sea Travel

This year is little hectic because of the covid-19 pandemic. However, travelers and tourists have found ways to stay healthy even if there is high risk of infection. and Citruss store in UAE are joining hands to keep everyone easy and safe from the deadly infection. On the other hand, Citruss TV offers health and beauty plans for tourists. […]